TheDJK2 does not scowl or look mean when he DJs. He does not pretend to know everything when it comes to music, but he has been in the business for 9+ years and shows an extensive knowledge of music. He excites, dazzles, and amazes audiences with every detail shown in his performance and leaves people smiling at the end of the night. Sure, anyone can press play as a DJ, but it takes a skilled professional to leave  people with music coursing through their bones all night long.


Keenan Bhiro, better known by his entertainment name TheDJK2 knew he wanted to proceed with his passion for deejaying when he discovered what music can do to people. Over the years he understood that music can alter our mood while changing the way we perceive the world and invoking specific memories. By changing the way we perceive the world, you can tap in those specific memories in people and make them even more memorable. Born and raised in New Jersey, he is known for his ability to mix two songs together seamlessly while adding his own creation into the mix. When he has extra time from pursuing his architecture degree, he spends weekends perfecting his playlists and programs for upcoming events and venues. He first started off by doing small house parties in high school to making his debut at the corporate manager’s holiday event for Dunkin Donuts. Whether it’s a sweet 16, private event, or a club, TheDJK2 will leave you dancing on your feet all night long. Music speaks louder than all. 
Jenna Reid
(Student Government Adviser)
Union Square Academy
"DJ K2 is our go-to for every high school dance. As the student activities coordinator, I find Keenan to be incredibly reliable in terms of showing up early, setting up, and providing his own equipment. Aside from logistics, the best thing about collaborating with him is how hands-off the process of making sure the kids have fun becomes. DJ K2 has great energy, quickly assesses the musical taste of his audience, and amps up the dance floor no matter how diverse the crowd. There's no question we'll be calling him again next year."

Rabindra Narine
(Managing Partner, Operations of rnmedia & rnmedia Toronto)
New York City
"When coordinating events, clients always request the best DJ to make their occasion one to remember. DJ K2 has been the right choice for events that needs high energy, such as Sweet 16’s, Various Parties, Wedding’s, school dances and Proms. With his wide selection of music, mixing technique and hype MC skills, he’s able to bring crowds to the dance floor without fail. DJ K2’s talent and professionalism is why we continue to partner with him."

Arqum Masood 
(President of Tau Kappa Epsilon)
Rutgers Newark, New Jersey
"I have used DJK2 for multiple fraternity parties throughout the years. He has always showed up on time ready to get the party jumping. With his variety of mixes, he can get any crowd going. It’s always great working with him and listening to his music."
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